SMISA £2 Members Pot

One of the unique elements of #BuyTheBuds is the £2 members pot - which allows SMISA members to vote on how they would like to see the £2 element of their monthly memberships spent.

This money is intended to be spent on St Mirren-related projects, and aims to benefit the club, fans and wider community.

We normally run ballots every three months. Below you can see a list of the previous ballots and the results.

2018 Ballots

January 2018

2017 Ballots

October 2017
July 2017
April 2017

2016 Ballots

December 2016
Ran from December 14, 2016 to December 19, 2016 with 794 votes cast.

Playing Budget

Question 1)

Do you agree the approx £8,000 expected in the SMISA £2 discretionary pot from the Oct to Dec memberships should be made available to the club to be added to the first-team playing budget?

Yes 88% 699
No 12% 95

Question 2)
If members vote in favour of question 1, would you also be happy to make the £1,252.88 carried forward from the last quarter available to the club for the first-team playing budget?

Yes 85% 672
No 15% 122

You can see the full ballot details here.
September 2016